Get paid to offset your CO2

Grow forests, grow your crypto portfolio

Ticker: TREES


50% of operator profit goes to planting trees

We donate 50% of all profits to the USDA Forest Services Penny Pines Program. This reforestation program has been around for 80 years. It costs about 10 cents to develop one Pine, Fir or Redwood tree seedling. This is the most cost effective way to replant forest in the world! The USDA program pays for the labor to plant the tree.

Collect passive crypto income

Staking rewards are automatically deposited into your wallet every epoch (~5 days). Earn rewards just by holding ADA in your wallet! 

Offset your CO2 footprint

Unsure how to reduce your carbon footprint? Generate money for the Penny Pines program and do your part to save our planet from climate change.


Transparency is key to building trust. We set our operator fees to strike an optimal balance between your offsetting your CO2 footprint while still generating profit for delegators.

99.9% Uptime

Our high-performance server infrastructure offers superb reliability. DDOS attack protection, detailed monitoring, and support of skilled engineers enables us to achieve an SLA of 99.9%

Redundancy& Scalability

Redundant systems and a scalable architecture allows us to easily add more relay nodes as necessary.

Our Promise

Every 3 months, we will convert 50% of ADA profits to USD and donate to the Penny Pines program

We will post a copy of the certificate (receipt) on this website.